The Type-15 Shuttlepod was a small Starfleet shuttlecraft created during the second season of The Next Generation.

During the run of the show, three representations of the craft were created: 1. A full-size exterior mockup with interior set. 2. A large-scale filming miniature. 3. A small-scale filming miniature. Additionally, certain details were changed over the course of the series, including interior and exterior details and hull markings.

The seats were late 80's-vintage Scat Procar Rally seats in black leather. These seats are still produced today, but have been changed in several ways over the years. The most noticeable change is the seat adjustment mechanism. The seats used in the shuttlepod have large lever-action mechanisms at the base of the seat back. It's difficult to tell to what degree other details changed, such as dimensions, shape, material, stitching/seams, etc. However they are still similar enough to appear identical to most people without a close one-to-one comparison.

The same type of seats (or even the same exact pair) appear in the Type-7 shuttle, as well. They first appear in Episode Title, replacing two previous styles. It's also possible they were retained when the shuttle pod's interior was adapted for use as both the Maquis Fighter and Type-18 Shuttlepod on DS9.

A number of HD Blue-Ray captures show what appears to be paneling laid down for the shuttle/cargo bay floor. If we take these panels to be a standard construction dimension, say 4' x 8', then we can use this insight to correctly scale the shuttlepod.

The shuttlepod came apart into at least four sections: the main body, the two nacelles, and the wedge piece. The nacelles apparently sat next to the shuttlepod, completely unmatched. The wedge piece sat under the front and hid a set of wheels. These loose elements would sometimes be set incorrectly with the nacelles switched and the wedge upside down. It's possible, but not known, that other parts of the shuttle opened up to allow for filming. The back wall was occasionally changed in appearance as well as placement, and one shot even shows it completely gone, allowing a clear view from the open back hatch through to the cockpit.

These two photos from Doug Drexler show the shuttlepod sitting outside the soundstage on the Paramount lot. They show the front wheels used to move it around, which are usually covered by the wedge piece.

The side walls are built in part with ribbed panels. I suspect that these might be structural panels that used in construction. It's also possible they are studio-made plastic vacu-formed sheets, made from a found-object or custom pattern. Another option is a fiberglass cast. And another, less likely, option is it was built out of wood. A good digital model would provide accurate dimensions to pursue a found-object source. Panels like this, either same or similar, show up in other set elements.

The LCARS panels are a combination of re-used and new elements.

The full-size mockup (mock-up?) appears in the following episodes: Time Squared ... Reference Images I can't hot-link or use images without permission from Trek Core, and neither can I replicate the work, so I need to see if I can provide links or even contact sheets for relevant images.

Large-Scale Filming Miniature Greg Jein was contracted to build a miniature for effects filming. The size chosen appears to be around 1/6 scale, making it quite large.

Small-Scale Miniature Ed Miarecki was hired to build a model of the Main Shuttlebay for the episode Cause and Effect. He also built a complement of Type-6 and Type-15 shuttles. The size of the shuttlebay necessitated a small scale and the miniatures appear to be about 1/72 scale. Although built, the shuttlepod models never appeared in the episode, and perhaps were never even filmed.

My site is very real-world focused, with an emphasis on accurate and detailed reference that can be used for creating real and digital recreations and collecting and cataloging Star Trek related ephemera. As a wiki I want to leverage crowd-sourced knowledge. I don't want to step on anybody's toes though.

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