Produced By: King-Seeley Thermos Co.

Year Produced: 1979

Original Retail Price: $4.99

Artist: Gene Lemery

Current Value: Up to $225

Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 7" x 4"

Notes: Rectangular metal lunchbox made by the King-Seeley Thermos Co. in 1979 for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The lunchbox has artwork by Gene Lemery on all sides consisting of Kirk and Spock with the refit Enterprise over their shoulder on the front lid; Spock, Kirk, and McCoy approaching the V'Ger probe on the back side; Spock conducting an EVA on the left side; the Seal of the United Federation of Planets above five alien species members on the right side; an aft view of the Enterprise on the top side; and Kirk, Ilia, and Spock on the bridge reacting to the V'Ger probe's scan on the bottom side. The lunchbox has a purple trim framing the art and is branded with the Thermos logo, front and back.

The plastic thermos is square shaped and features the Flip'n'Sip top under the cup-shaped lid. The stylized artwork is a decal of the refit Enterprise in space.

There are some variations in appearance. Some examples include a purple colored handle and latch, while others are in white. The thermos is sometimes purple like the lunchbox, and other times a turquoise color. Less often the lid cup is colored blue and some thermoses might have come with the older style stopper rather than the Flip'n'Sip top. It's possible these differences are due to production runs occurring at different times, different factories, or changes made midrun. Other explanations are colors fading with age or aftermarket replacement parts.

When new, the lunchbox set could be found selling at a price of $4.99. It was common for the thermos to have an instructional booklet inside noting the Flip'n'Sip top, and the lunchbox to have a sticker noting this feature on the metal lid as well.

Current value fluctuates based on condition, completeness, and whether it is signed. Pristine and complete lunchbox sets have sold for $84 to $225 while degraded ones go for as little as $12 (as of Jan. 10 2012). Whether multiple people are interested in any one example greatly affects the price as the market is not consistent even as to price verses condition. But it would seem that this is the second most desirable lunchbox after the Star Trek Metal Dome Lunchbox and Thermos Set. Both are commonly available and routinely purchased by collectors.

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